Considered an innovative and unique type of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is tasked with creating a positive change in a patient’s teeth and smile.

Considered an innovative and unique type of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is tasked with creating a positive change in a patient’s teeth and smile. Those striving to achieve a beautiful and natural appearance often turn to cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes referred to as a smile enhancement, cosmetic dentistry can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s overall appearance. The end result is enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence and even greater success in the business world. The possibilities are endless when it comes to all that cosmetic dentistry makes possible.

Teeth Whitening

Some of the more common types of cosmetic dentistry include composite bonding and dental veneers. Cosmetic bonding is used to repair damaged or decayed teeth and even teeth that have become discolored. Once the decay has been removed from the teeth, composite material is applied and the dentist can then sculpt the perfect shape to achieve the ideal appearance for the patient. With dental veneers, a thin shell is used to cover a natural tooth in order to create a brighter and more attractive smile. Another type of common cosmetic dentistry is known as teeth whitening. This is a very basic form of cosmetic dentistry that is used to bleach teeth in order to create the correct shade or color for the patient.

A Final Restoration Can Be Applied

Another type of cosmetic dentistry is referred to as dental implants. This is used primarily when a tooth or multiple teeth has been lost to disease, injury or trauma. The dentist will insert a small titanium rod directly into the jawbone as a way to replace a missing tooth root. Once the rod has had time to bond with the patient’s natural bone, a final restoration can be applied. Inlays and onlays are also an integral part of cosmetic dentistry. Today’s modern dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in particular has seen great advances in recent years allowing patients to enjoy an incredibly beautiful smile at virtually any age. Contact your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on cosmetic dentistry today.

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