Teeth Whitening Aftercare: Teeth Whitening that Lasts Longer

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Teeth Whitening Aftercare


Everyone enjoys whiter and brighter teeth. Teeth whitening is an excellent way to achieve a more beautiful smile and that is why teeth whitening aftercare is such a popular concept. As many people know, teeth whitening can be done at home or in a dental office. Whitening procedures that are done in a dental office are typically more effective than those done at home. Either way extending the whiteness of this process is well worth considering. For example, an obvious way of making this possible is to simply drink from a straw. Doing this helps to reduce the chances that beverages will stain teeth. Drinking out of a straw everything from coffee to tea and soda can lessen the negative effects of discoloration caused by these liquids.


Avoid Foods That are Heavy in Sugar


Along the same lines, avoiding foods that stain teeth is also a good idea. Discoloration can be greatly reduced by avoiding foods that include curry, spaghetti sauce, soy sauce and a wide range of berries like blueberries. Equally important is to avoid foods that are heavy in sugar. Not only is sugar bad for the overall health of your teeth but it also causes discoloration. This happens because sugar can break down tooth enamel opening the door to more aggressive staining. Everything from hard candy to a variety of chewy sweets can wreak havoc on the teeth and accelerates staining. The best option is to always choose fruits and vegetables and especially fruits that are hard and crunchy. Apples, celery and cucumbers do not stain the teeth and actually help to clean the teeth as you eat.


Brushing and Flossing Helps to Keep Teeth Clean and Reduces Staining


Brushing and Flossing Helps to Keep Teeth Clean and Reduces Staining


Finally, one great idea is to use at-home whitening solutions that are available over-the-counter. It is best to use these between professional dental office cleanings and whitening appointments. In other words, things like whitening strips can be used for maintenance between regularly scheduled dental office appointments where professional whitening is performed. As an added note, regular routine brushing and flossing helps to keep teeth clean and reduces staining. Brushing after every meal is perhaps one of the best ways to reduce the chances of discoloration. Enjoying a beautiful and whiter smile has never been easier thanks to all that modern dentistry makes possible. Follow these simple and useful tips in order to keep your teeth as white as possible throughout the year. Talk with your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on teeth whitening aftercare procedures.


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